Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things Overheard at the New Creation Museum

A new $25 million Creation Museum is under construction in rural Kentucky. A recent fly on the wall (date of birth unknown) recently spied the following rumblings at the Museum:

Free Stamp with Every Book Purchase: "factual scientific evidence supporting or consistent with evolution theory and factual scientific evidence inconsistent with or not supporting the theory."

Cafeteria Sign: "Fish Sticks are organic and are not your relatives"

Promotional Offer: "Bring in any two spaghetti monsters and we'll give you half off on the next guided tour"

Wise Saying of the Day: "Fossil fuels can be a renewable energy source, as long as there's another flood."

Fun for the Kids: "The Danny Dinosaur Adventure Ride is Closed Today. Please Visit the Adam and Eve organic fruit and pet store."