Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Five Most Embarrassing Music Purchases

Everyone's done it - opened up their music CD case and realized they, at some point, had some really questionable choices in music. Catchy pop song? Upcoming artist? Edgy new rapper? I present 5 really bad music purchases made during my lifetime. Believe me, there are more than 5 here.

5. KISS, Hot in the Shade
The unforgiving hair pop metal years of 80s KISS. Saw the concert tour too.

4. Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the soundtrack
The power of trying to believe something is good can be more powerful than the quality of the actual product. Case in point, the Lucas brainwash has finally started to wear off.

3. Warrant, Cherry Pie
Cranked it loud in college, no wonder girls didn't visit by the ole' dorm room

2. Stryper, In God We Trust
Yes, Stryper, that Christian Metal band from the 80s that resurrected not only religion for the metal set but also resurrected crappy music in general. On a Florida vacation, I listened to this cassette tape over and over again because of the perfect metal qualities (load guitars, power ballads and those kickin bumblebee outfits).

1. Melissa Manchester, You Should Hear How She Talks About Him
My first record purchase on 45 vinyl and oh so painful to recall as something I purchased by choice.

Honorable Mention: My wife told me she purchased the soundtrack to Cool as Ice, by Vanilla Ice - but only AFTER seeing the movie in theatres with her girlfriends. Maybe she should write her own list.


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